Kuine Linux


Kuine is a family of distributions that meet one goal each of them. Ideal for emulating an appliance or to instantiate a virtual machine to meet a very specific need, such as a Database server or CRM or CMS. Right out of the box.


About us

Kuine Linux is an initiative of two communities (LinuxCOL and OrfeoLibre) supported by Skina Tecnologies to create a distribution that meets the following guidelines:


  • Live CD and / or USB with appliance-like behavior. 
  • Unified Web Management 
  • Persistence and installation 
  • Immediate functionality once the boots
  • Very light: no high resources needed and fast boot 


Bearing this in mind, we evaluated a big set of options including distributions and additional tools and at the end decided to use Debian as  base distribution,  Remastersys as the Live tool and Webmin as web administration tool.


At this moment the distribution is mostly in Spanish and because of its approach, is difficult to support multiple languages, but for sure it is going to be in English soon.



Minimum Requirements

After you have burn a CD image or a USB memory, the next step is to get a virtual o real computer with

  • 1 CPU (any)
  • 256M Ram
  • CD o DVD Reader
  • 2G storage (HD or USB) to activate persistance
and that it, you can use it.
If you intent to use it in a production environment you may need more than this minimun requirements.






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