Images back on line

It took us a bit to upload the images to our new server, but they are already available. We have changed our hosting provider to one more "enterprise".

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kuine-GLPI/OCS has been release

We have released and now is available a fully operational system of help desk and inventory with GLPI / OCS.

See the details  here.

Kuine 2.0 Screenshots



Inicio   Boot   Consola



Ingreso Grafico   Escritorio   Ingreso Web   Admin Web



Releasing version 2.0 of Base, MySQL, MariaDB, PgSQL and Kuane

After a long time, we are releasing new versions 2.0 of Base, MySQL, PgSQL, MariaDB y Kuane

These versions are already available on Downloads

Version 2.0 has received its name

The next Kuine version 2.0 has received its name. It is going to be called Zihita, keeping our tradition, it means frog in Chibcha language.



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