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Get a server running after one click

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about us

Kuine is a family of GNU/Linux distributions that meet one goal each of them. Ideal for emulating an appliance or to instantiate a virtual machine to meet a very specific need, such as a Database server or CRM or CMS. Right out of the box.
Fast, reliable and secure

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Latest Distributions

Kuine LAMP
Kuine Kuane
Kuine Base
Kuine MySQL
Kuine LAPP
Kuine Tomcat
Kuine MariaDB
Kuine PostgreSQL

Kuine Linux - The single purpose distribution

facts about us

Kuine Linux has been the base of Colombian Internet access policies. Servers for more than 4000 Kioskos Vive Digital (KVD) are running a tailored versión of Kuine Linux.

Years Experience

Kuine Linux Servers

Days Running KVD

Thousand of Users

Some Kuine Linux core features


A clean kuine installations provides a multilayer protection against external attacts. It has a pre-set firewall, and IPS agains brute force, and a set of local IDS

Free Updates & Support

Full set of distributions free and licensed under GNU/GPL.

Latest distributions

Based on the latest versions of the most popular Linux distributions: either Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS.

Easy Administration

A user friendly interface to admin Linux. You can choose either to user console, web administration, local graphic interface or remote RDP


Full support of 8 languages on Kuine superset. Other languages support from native distributions

Fully Customizable

It is the base to build on. You can make your own tailored Kuine distribution based on any other.

Ultra Light

No superfluos services or applications. Fast boot, low memory, low disk space, low resources then low expenses.

Light GUI

You can choose to use GUI. Kuine provides a very light one in order to save resources for the important processes, services or applications

Right out of the box

On click away from having a fully functional server. You can reduce your deployment time to a few minutes.