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About us

Kuine is a family of GNU/Linux distributions that meet one goal each of them. Ideal for emulating an appliance or to instantiate a virtual machine to meet a very specific need, such as a Database server or CRM or CMS. Right out of the box. Fast, reliable and secure

Who We Are

The Kuine Linux is a product of Skina Technologies SAS. It was developed after many years doing Linux server deployments and developing many ways to do it fast, secure and standarized. Through this process Kuine was born, as a way to have standard servers pre-configured ready to deliver to our clients.

Kuine Linux is a group inside SkinaTech. commited to mantain the distribution, provide support to the community and produce new flavours every time.


facts about us

Kuine Linux has been the base of Colombian Internet access policies. Servers for more than 4000 Kioskos Vive Digital (KVD) are running a tailored versión of Kuine Linux.

Years Experience

Kuine Linux Servers

Days Running KVD

Thousand of Users